Trident Water Based Airbrush Colors

Trident CORE4 set

The Power CORE 4™ paint set is core pallet of colors compiled for sepia, blue and grayscale artworks.

This set, which conisists of 4 basic colors including Deep Blue, Sepia Brown, Black and White and is available in TRIDENT water based airbrush paint sets. These colors are put together as a "CORE" set of colors as airbrush artists are often called on to do rich monotone artworks in a core range of colors; principally Black & White, Sepia (Brown) and Deep Blue.

These paints are of exacting quality and offer superb flow, quality and control. 100% UV stable these water based colors from TRIDENTTM offer brilliant stability and performance.

These colors are all mix cleanly and effectively to give rich, deep and vibrant results to you, the airbrush artist.

core4 paint set

"Trident airbrush paint actually does what it says it will, and isn't a case of well for a water based it's not bad, it's a case of this is how an airbrush paint should perform; water based or not"