Trident Water Based Airbrush Colors


"There were no water based airbrush paints on the market that could perform without dramas and causing major stress. This paint actually does what it says it will, so much so I forget I'm painting with water based! It isn't a case of 'well for a water based it's not bad', it's a case of 'This is how a paint should perform; water based or not' "


"Love your stuff. I hold your water line as the best water based paint, and close to Uros. It has great coverage, fast dry and not sticky when dry. That's my top 3 with Trident.Tomas Andersson, Sweden

"When I use TRIDENT, it is like MAGIC INK* . I LOVE the effect it makes when using/making layers."Marete Lund Bakke. Hordaland, Norway

"This paint is ass-kicking... Haven't used anything else for a loooooong time!!"Steen, Striping Dk, Denmark

"The best airbrush paint in the world!"Michael Lindenskov, Denmark

"I'm writing to you regarding the TRIDENT colors. They are really amazing; so easy to paint. So easy to handle and reduce to the right feel. So I'll say this: Wicked, Auto-Air and others watch out! For there really is a new era for water based colors here... and its called TRIDENT! Thanks"Kasper, Germany

Today I bought my first Trident colors!! I love these colors, they are so awesome!! Killer, I love them so much!! Thanks for the production of this colors!!Manuel Hertel, Germany

I've been using Trident for a few months now and I love it!!!!Michelle Toohey, Australia

To the staff at TRIDENT PAINTS, Well i am not really sure on what to say here guys, for the first time in a long time i find myself speechless , you see i bought some of your paint here in Australia , and i must say , WOW!!!!!!.

I had read through your claims, looked at your face book site and even read through some of your ''testimonials'' (never really believed these before, for or from anyone). That was until now. You have not only delivered on your claims but put other companies on notice, finally a water based paint that actually delivers on its promise.

Just to give you an insight on myself, i started Airbrushing a mere 2.5 years ago, starting out on Auto Air and Createx and then Auto Bourne finally moving up to the new wicked paints, I don't have a big studio (unless you call my shed a studio), I don't even have a heater in there for winter (hey its a shed) i am just a ''little guy'' who enjoys airbrushing, now throughout those years I had been very happy with these paints, until now, you have shown me just how much i have been missing out on. This paint truly out performs them in leaps and bounds, in my opinion, in fact i would say it runs rings around it .

As i said earlier, i bought some paints to try out, nothing much , (I wasn't going to waste good money if they turned out they were no good )' and thought i would give them a test run.. in my own ''controlled environment''. By that i mean in my shed during winter with no heater... hahahaha, that will test them I thought. Well not even 1 min in and i knew i was in for a treat. I could almost instantly tell the paints were better. In the way it flowed, covered, and dried; all in the first few strokes. As I continued the temp dropped in the shed and yet the performance never altered, I was pulling fine lines without problems of tip dry, shading without getting blotches, and it kept up its performance until my canvas was completed, happy with the way it looked i called it a night , had a hot shower and went to bed, well it was 7 degrees Celsius.

The next day i gave it a coat of clear, and to my shock, the vividness, brilliance of the colors really took me by surprise, it really pops once the clear hits it ... so much so you think its screaming at you ''look at me''... it truly is a vivid paint . i was able to see all my little detail lines , no blurriness here from these paints.. you paint it , it stayed there to be seen, not smudged / bleed away by the clear coat. so again i was truly impressed !!!!. Which leads me back to my original statement..WOW !!!!!! Now i wish i had painted a metal panel and not a cheap canvas... its all i can say... except maybe this small piece of advice to others who may read this.... do yourself a huge favor... buy some trident paint today and see for yourself, you wont be disappointed.Kindest regards, Jeff Feenstra (a newly converted Trident water based paint buyer)

"Trident airbrush paint actually does what it says it will, and isn't a case of well for a water based it's not bad, it's a case of this is how an airbrush paint should perform; water based or not"